Cvijeta Zuzorić Art Pavilion

Paviljon Cvijeta Zuzorić is a building in Belgrade, more precisely on Kalemegdan, where artistic creations are located. The building was built in the period from 1927-1928, according to the project of architect Branislav Kojić. The first name was “Cvijeta Zuzorić”. The association was founded in 1922 in order to immortalize Dubrovnik fine art and creativity from the 16th century. The wish was to make a building where works of art would be exhibited.

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There was no such building in Belgrade, so until the very desire to build it, exhibitions were organized in gymnasium halls, as well as in the ceremonial hall of Captain Miša’s building.
In order to find the money and start the actual construction of the building, Branislav Nušić, Head of the Art Department of the Ministry of Education, organized a charity ball in 1923, called “One Thousand and One Nights”, in the Belgrade Hotel Kasina.From 107,410 dinars at the time, 71,610 dinars were set aside for the construction of the pavilion. Among the benefactors, King Aleksandar Karađorđević, Đorđe Vajfert, Mihailo Pupin, Luka Ćelović, as well as Jadransko-Podanavska bank, Viner Bankferajn and National bank stood out

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